About Us

General Introduction: The State Key Laboratory of Microbial Resources (SKLMR), affiliated to the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was approved for its organization in 1989 and has been officially open since December 1993. After over 20 years of development, SKLMR has become an important base for research and talent training in the field of microbial resources in China. Currently, the laboratory director is Professor Hua Xiang, and the chair of academic board is Professor Guoping Zhao, academician of the CAS.

Areas of Research: The SKLMR conducts basic and applied basic research on microbial resource utilization, focusing on the following four research areas:

Acquisition and big data mining of microbial resources

Microbial adaptation mechanisms and environmental biotechnology

Microbial natural products and synthetic biology

Microbial biocatalysis and product development

SKLMR presently has 25 research groups and over 90 faculty and staff, among whom over 50 have senior titles. There are more than 140 graduate students and around 10 postdoctoral fellows in this laboratory.

Facilities: The SKLMR has developed a large general instrument platform and more than five professional technology platforms: metagenomics platform, proteomics platform, chemical biology platform, single-cell and single-molecule platform, and a platform for preservation and sharing of microbial resources. In addition, platforms for environmental physicochemical factor analysis and for biomaterial characterization are also under construction. These platforms currently comprise over 300 instruments including six mass spectrometers. The SKLMR platforms have joined the instrument sharing networks of Capital Science and Technology Condition Platform and Beijing Regional Center of Life Science Instruments, open to other laboratories.

Chair of Academic Committee:Professor Guoping Zhao (Academician)

Vice Chair of Academic Committee:Professor Shuangjiang Liu

Director: Professor Hua Xiang

Deputy Directors: Professor Yihua Chen

Professor Yu Fu

Professor Bian Wu

Professor Ying Huang