Contribution of TMAO to the high-hydrostatic pressure adaptation of deep-sea bacteria

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  报告题目:Contribution of TMAO to the high-hydrostatic pressure adaptation of deep-sea bacteria

  报告人:张维佳 博士,副研究员

  主持人:董志扬 研究员





  High hydrostatic pressure exerts severe effects on the cellular processes, including impaired cell division, abolished motility and affected enzymatic activities. Transcriptomic and proteomic analyses showed that bacteria switch the expression of genes involved in multiple energy metabolism pathways to cope with high hydrostatic pressure. We sought for evidence that changing bacterial metabolism by supplying appropriate substrates might have beneficial effects on the bacterial life style at elevated pressure. We isolated a piezosensitive marine bacterium Vibrio fluvialis strain QY27 from the South China Sea. When trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) was utilized as an electron acceptor for energy metabolism, QY27 exhibited a piezophilic-like phenotype with an optimal growth at 30 MPa. Raman spectrometry and biochemistry analyses revealed that both the activity of TMAO reductase and the efficiency of TMAO metabolism increased under high pressure condition. Using RT-PCR quantification and CRISPR-interference assay, we identified an iso-enzyme TorA, whose expression level and enzymatic activity was up-regulated by elevated pressure, is essential for underpinning the optimized growth at high pressure. These results provide a compelling evidence for the determinant role of metabolism in the adaption of bacteria to the deep-sea ecosystems with high hydrostatic pressure.


  张维佳博士,2011年毕业于中国农业大学微生物学专业并获博士学位,现为中科院深海科学与工程研究所副研究员。张博士及其所在的中科院深海科学与工程研究所微生物细胞生物学研究团队主要关注深海生物圈的生命现象,以细胞结构、物质能量代谢以及细胞内生物矿化为表征,综合利用分子生物学、生物化学等研究方法,结合显微观测、微流控技术等,研究微生物对深海低温高压的极端环境适应机制。张博士先后参加“探索一号”马里亚纳海沟深海装备海试及科考航次和“蛟龙号”试验性应用航次(中国大洋38 航次),应用自主研发的高压分析装置,在国内首次实现6000米以下水深高压保真原位海水无污染采样和分析。